Krakowskie Skotniki 2.0


Description of the investment

Locating the Investment in this place is a response to the needs of all those who would like to combine the urban lifestyle with peace and the vicinity of nature. In recent years, this area of ​​Krakow has been one of the most dynamically developing areas, which attracts more and more people. This unique project will soon be ready for living. What distinguishes it from other projects are the latest amenities that await future residents.
The development will consist of 6 single-family, semi-detached houses.
The aesthetic values ​​will be exposed thanks to the modern and light architectural form of the buildings, distinguished by a gable roof, glass balustrades, numerous glazing, and wood elements on the facade. The investment area will be fenced.

Our houses have been designed using many solutions for e.g. economy, environment, functionality, modernity. They will be equipped with a mechanical ventilation system with recuperation, which will not only allow for optimal heat energy consumption, but also protect against smog. Our energy-efficient buildings mean ease of use, and in particular lower maintenance costs. Throughout the year, users will be able to enjoy the perfect climate in their homes, as they will have distributed air conditioning, high-quality thermal insulation and underfloor heating.

The company DDM Invest is responsible for the implementation of the investment. The houses will be put into use in the first quarter of 2020.

Location of investment

Standard Wykończenia


Krakowskie Skotniki 2.0 is the second stage of the investment carried out in Krakow at Ks. F. Trotsky. The comfort of living in a city surrounded by a suburban climate.

Increased standard

The use of exposed and energy-saving woodwork, mechanical ventilation with recuperation, underfloor heating, and high-performance thermal insulation distinguishes our project from other offers available on the market.


Thanks to the constructive opinions of customers, the internal layouts have been slightly modified, increasing the functionality and giving even greater possibility of individual arrangement.

Individual solutions

When buying a house under construction, we can adapt its layout and installations to your needs.

Modern architecture

The buildings of the second stage were designed in the standard of the first investment. They are distinguished by a gable roof, glass balustrades, numerous glazing and wood elements on the facade.

Professional service

The investment supervisor is available on site, will answer your questions and present the offer in detail.

Check availability of houses

Nr domu Land area m2 Ground floor m2 Floor m2 Poddasze m2 Attic m2 House area m2 Całkowita Pow. domu m2 Status Gross price House plan
1A 326 66.25 57.86 60.00 124,11 Sprzedany House plan
1B 324 66.25 57.86 60.00 124,11 Sprzedany House plan
2A 326 66.25 57.86 60.00 124,11 Sprzedany House plan
2B 329 66.25 57.86 60.00 124,11 Sprzedany House plan
3A 330 66.25 57.86 60.00 124,11 Rezerwacja 710 000,00 House plan
3B 444 66.25 57.86 60.00 124,11 Sprzedany House plan